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Introducing TheChewzie, the king of beverage vessels and the best thing to happen to beer and chew since... well, ever. This ain't your run-of-the-mill coozie ; it's a bold, ballsy tumbler that chills your brew while stashing your chew. It's your drinks and your dip, all in one sleek, sly package.

Key Features:

  • Size Matters: Holds a frosty 16 fl oz and cools 12oz bottles, slim cans, and standard 12oz cans. No more warm beer, fellas.
  • Insulation Innovation: Double-walled stainless steel keeps your brew colder than a penguin's a**! Say hello to the coldest drinks and goodbye to sweaty cans.
  • Non-Slip & Easy-Grip: Comes with a rubber bottom that doesn't slip, even when you've had a few. Plus, the sleek design's easier to hold than a sober thought.
  • Fits Everywhere: Conveniently fits in cup holders. Because why the hell wouldn't it?
  • Secret Stash Container: Patented compartment unscrews from the bottom, perfect for storing your chew or anything else you need to keep dry. Free up your pockets from that unnecessary bulge.
  • Kickass Accessories: Screw-on cap and leak-proof lid for zero spills, a reusable straw for eco-friendly sips, and of course, the secret stash container for your undercover essentials.

Cleaning & Care:

TheChewzie stainless steel drink holder is dishwasher safe, but the top lids and stash compartment are not. So, roll up those sleeves, grab the dish soap, and give them a gentle scrub. TheChewzie will thank you, and your drinks will stay chill. Now, go forth and enjoy responsibly.

  • How To Use

    How to use TheChewzie-It ain't rocket science, but here's the rundown:

    • Pop Your Top: Unscrew the top and slide in your drink of choice - fits 12oz bottles, slim cans, and standard 12oz cans like a dream.

    • Seal the Deal: Screw your chosen top back on tight. Don't want any of that precious brew going to waste, do we?

    • Stash the Goods: Twist open the secret compartment at the bottom. Stash your chew or whatever else you fancy keeping on the down-low. Screw it back on.

    • Sip and Enjoy: Pop open the leak-proof lid, insert the reusable straw if you're into that, and enjoy your frosty beverage. Bask in the envious looks from your buddies.

    • Clean-Up: When you're done, give TheChewzie a good hand washing. This ain't no dishwashing damsel, remember?

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