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 Where TheChewzie gives a shoutout to the kickass hardworking folks who are making sh*t happen in our communities.

We're talking about all great heroes: of course they can be police officers, firefighters, teachers, nurses, military, what have you. But they can also be any profession, any person that cares enough to hustle day in and day out to make one hell of a difference. 

Mickey Sullivan, the badass founder of TheChewzie, is sitting down with these legends, nominated by their crew, to dig deep into their stories and give them the recognition they deserve. Get ready for some epic tales of resilience, dedication, and all-around badassery. These are the local legends who are keeping it real and making their mark in their communities.

If you know a badass who deserves a little recognition, hit us up!

Submit your badass nomination using the form below.

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EDB Episode 1: Allen/Wayne

EDB Episode 1: Allen/Wayne
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EDB Episode 1: Allen/Wayne

EDB Episode 1: Allen/Wayne

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EDB Episode 2: Ashley

EDB Episode 2: Ashley

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Got a badass in mind who deserves some major recognition? Nominate them now and let us know their incredible story.


TheChewzie is on a mission to showcase the true legends in our communities.

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